PA licensure compact

License portability for physician assistants

Compact news – As of May 24, 12 states have enacted the PA Licensure Compact. Having surpassed the seven-state threshold, the PA Licensure Compact has been activated. PAs, however, cannot yet practice in other Compact member states.  Please see our PA Compact Timeline for more information.

What is the PA Licensure Compact?

The PA Compact is an interstate occupational licensure compact for physician assistants (PAs). Interstate compacts are a constitutionally authorized, legally binding, legislatively enacted contract among participating states.
States joining the compact agree to recognize a valid, unencumbered license issued by another compact member state via a compact privilege. Licensed PAs utilizing the compact can obtain a privilege in each compact member state where they want to practice. PAs using a compact privilege to practice in another state must adhere to laws and regulations of practice in that state and are under the jurisdiction of the state’s regulatory board in which they are practicing.




PA Compact Status

The PA Compact is available for state enactment, but is not yet operational. The compact will be activated after seven states have adopted the compact model legislation. Historically, the process for a licensure compact to become fully operational can take up to 24 months after its activation.



The PA License Compact is made possible through partnerships with the following organizations: