PA Licensure Compact Webinar Series

The PA Licensure Compact Introduction for Licensing Boards is a webinar series hosted by The Council of State Governments National Center for Interstate Compacts to introduce the PA compact to licensing boards and other interested stakeholders. Attendees will learn about the specific features of the PA compact and have an opportunity to ask questions during the one-hour event. 


The material presented in the webinar series will be structured for the licensing board audience. Members and executive directors of licensing boards that regulate PAs are encouraged to attend.

Webinar Dates and Registration Links

The PA Licensure Compact Introductory Webinar Series will occur via Zoom. All attendees should register in advance. Programming will be replicated for each webinar. 

Materials and Resources for Webinar

To review a copy of the PA Licensure Compact Model Legislation visit Additional supporting resources may also be found on this website. 

Attendees are encouraged to submit questions or comments may be submitted in advance through the following form - 

For any questions about the event please contact